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What is Industrial Special Risks insurance?
Industrial Special Risks insurance, which is commonly referred to as an ISR, is designed to provide medium to large businesses with a broader level of of protection to their assets than that offered by a standard Business Pack insurance policy.

It does this by insuring damage to your business’ assets as a result of any cause, e.g. an accident, as long as the cause of the damage is not excluded under the policy. This is far superior level of cover to a standard Business Pack insurance policy, which only covers you business’ assets for damage arising as a result of a condition explicitly covered under the policy.

Who needs Industrial Special Risks insurance?
Industrial Special Risks insurance is particularly well suited to those businesses who have multiple properties and high asset values, generally over $5 million.

What does Industrial Special Risks insurance cover?
Industrial Special Risks insurance can cover everything offered under a standard Business Pack insurance policy, plus the additional benefit of insuring your business’ assets against:

  • Accidental Damage

It is important to note that Industrial Special Risks insurance policies are extremely flexible and the level of cover offered under any one policy is written specifically to match the needs of the insured business. Although your business will not require the majority of them, there are over 50 individual endorsements which can be added to your Industrial Special Risks insurance policy. Furthermore, if the available endorsements do not fully cover your business, they can always be negotiated and amended to achieve the level of cover your business requires.

How much Industrial Special Risks insurance is enough?

This will ultimately depend on your business’ circumstances and the assets you need to protect. With this in mind, we have clients who have assets valued between $5 million – $100 million through Industrial Special Risks insurance.

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